Get to Know Our 2023 Summer Team

Summer is an exciting season for First Tee – Central Ohio! Over just a few months, we engage hundreds of kids through our onsite classes, summer camps, community partner organizations and special event sessions. Needless to say, we need all the help we can get… which is why we are very excited to highlight our 2023 team!

These young people are invaluable in making our summer successful. They arrive early to set up, bring positive energy and enthusiasm to our participants during classes, and stick around to clean up the aftermath of all our fun games. Most of all, they serve as inspiring examples to younger kids of the character that it takes to be a Game Changer!

So let’s learn a bit more about our outstanding summer team!

Akoua, First Tee Junior Coach

Akoua is an 18-year-old incoming freshman in college and a first-year coach with First Tee. She loves the challenge and enjoyment of learning a new sport like golf. Since joining the First Tee team, Akoua has looked forward to interacting with participants and her peers. Her goals are to travel and become an interior designer and an esthetician.

Fun fact: Akoua is bilingual and plays over seven sports!

Belina, First Tee Coach

Belina has been a part of the First Tee team for six years and is currently a trained Level One coach. Her passion for golf lies in teaching the game to others. She is ecstatic to see kids excited about golf and developing a stronger relationship with the game. Belina’s future goal is to make a positive impact on people’s lives and eventually manage a team to continue helping others grow.

Fun fact: Belina started golfing at the young age of three!

Eliza, First Tee Junior Coach

Eliza, 19, has been part of the First Tee team for seven years. She finds joy in the challenges that golf offers. This year, she is most looking forward to the fun games that the team set up for the events and classes. Her future plans include simply living in the moment and enjoying this summer to the fullest!

Fun fact: Eliza has a deep interest in astronomy!

Grace, Game Changers Intern

Grace is an 18-year-old incoming freshman, with a full ride scholarship to Yale University. She has been a participant in First Tee and Girls Golf programming for roughly a decade and has served as an intern for two years. During her time as a First Tee participant, Grace attended the First Tee Leadership Summit in Bozeman, MT and the Game Changers Academy in Philadelphia, PA.

She loves golf for the opportunities for community building that the sport facilitates. This summer she looks forward to traveling around Central Ohio as she introduces golf to more people. Her future life goals entail attending Yale University to study political science and environmental studies with the desire to become a politician later in life. 

Fun fact: Grace is an avid crocheter and loves making all sorts of things like sweaters, stuffed animals, or bags in her spare time!

Grant, Game Changers Intern

At just 17-years-old and entering his senior year, Grant is already a seasoned member of the First Tee family, with 11 years of involvement and prior summers as an intern.

What’s Grant’s passion? Golf! He loves the challenge of this individual sport, which pushes him to grow in countless ways. From mastering techniques to honing mental strength, golf has it all. As an intern, Grant can’t wait to work alongside participants, sharing his enthusiasm for the game and creating memorable experiences. And of course, he’s looking forward to having a blast!

While Grant’s priority is his work as a student, his goal is to play competitive golf in college while maintaining a stellar academic record.

Fun fact: Grant enjoys free diving and swimming in the ocean!

Isaac, Game Changers Intern

Isaac has been part of First Tee for eight years and is thrilled to be an intern for the second year. Last year Isaac was selected for the prestigious First Tee Leadership Summit in Bozeman, MT and recently attended the First Tee Game Changers Academy honoring Joe Louis Barrow, Jr, in Philadelphia, PA.

Isaac loves the mental challenge that each golf shot brings and finds joy in coaching participants. He aspires to secure the Evans Scholarship to study finance and marketing at Ohio State University.  

Fun fact: Isaac is the first person in his family to play golf!

Kristina, Game Changers Intern

Kristina, a long-time First Tee and Girls Golf participant, and has also served as a volunteer and intern. In 2022, Kristina tied for third place in the girls division of the PURE Insurance Championship Impacting First Tee, in Pebble Beach, CA. Earlier this year, Kristina also participated in the First Tee Leadership Series in partnership with PGA TOUR Superstore.

Fun fact: Kristina’s selection for the PURE Insurance Championship was announced by Jack Nicklaus during a special First Tee – Central Ohio event held at the Memorial Tournament.

Maya, First Tee Junior Coach

Maya, an incoming freshman at The Ohio State University, is a long-time First Tee participant and has served as an intern and junior coach. Maya values golf for its ability to facilitate friendships and teach valuable life skills. She looks forward to helping participants learn more about golf and its accompanying skills.

Maya’s future plans include launching her career in computer science and engineering as she studies at OSU.

Fun fact: Maya is an avid gamer!

Paige, Game Changers Intern

Paige has been actively involved with First Tee – Central Ohio for five years and is a first-time intern this year. The surprise factor in golf is Paige’s favorite aspect of the game. This summer she is thrilled to help kids learn golf where she started her own journey.

Her future career plans include becoming a pediatric or labor and delivery nurse. 

Fun fact: She loves baking – especially making cookies!

Riley, Game Changers Intern

Riley has been a participant in The First Tee – Central Ohio for seven years and is now a first-year intern. He loves golf for the environment and the unique expression of the game through people and culture. As an intern, he is looking forward to the collaboration and teamwork with his peers.

Riley’s future goals include continuing to play golf in college and maintaining his focus and drive for the game into adulthood.

Fun fact: His middle name is Bean!

Sarah, First Tee Junior Coach

Sarah, a sophomore in college, is in her first year of coaching with First Tee. She is enthusiastic about working with participants on their full swing and is eager to meet new students and form lasting connections.

Sarah’s future plans include becoming a psychiatrist after completing her college education.

Fun fact: Sarah lived in France for eight years and speaks fluent French! She also played soccer for seven years.

Thanks to Discover Financial Services and the Eubanks-DeWitt Family Foundation for their generous support of our summer internship program!

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